Citrus Plans
Plan Name Term Membership Points Holiday Worth
Nano 18 Months 120 Pts 100 Pts
Fragrance 4 Yrs 400 Pts 495 Pts
Strawberry 8 Yrs 800 Pts 1580 Pts
Lime 15 Yrs 1350 Pts 4474 Pts
Orange 15 Years 2300 Pts 7606 Pts
A short term Holiday Plan that gives you the twin advantage of short breaks and no annual payments. This 4 year holiday plan provides you ample opportunity to visit all Citrus properties across the country. Just in case you are unable to utilize all your points, you could trade them Rajdhani vouchers. Experience and enjoy our services.

Customized Holiday Plan that takes into consideration your specific requirements. This inflation free holiday plan is very easy to understand and use. No season classification, No Annual Fees & a host of other benefits. Like all our other plans trade your points for Rooms, F & B, Sightseeing, Travel etc. Explore the endless possibilities through Citrus Strwaberry.

Best suited for the stressed out professionals. With 100 points a year you could stay 3 nights at Lonavala, Goa or Sriperumbadur. In case you want a longer holiday, save your points and take a longer holiday every other year. Trade your points for a holiday at other citrus properties, holiday at any of our tie up properties or even holiday outside India thru DAE Live. This plan has done away with the season classification and lets you go on a holiday whenever you want.

Your window to the world. This holiday plan gives you a world of holiday options. Best suited for those who like Good Times. Have good Times at Citrus Hotels, Dine at Rajdhani Restaurants, Explore the world thru DAE Live or just give your family exclusive gifts from Ecoscapes. With 170 points every year you have unlimited options. Good Times any season any reason.

Salient Features
Benefits :
Holiday Plan comprises of basic membership fees and cost (inclusive of all applicable taxes there on) of planning of holidays & tours.

Point Value :
At Rs.100/- per point.

Payment Term :
Full One Time payment or attractive EMI options of 6, 12 & 24 Months based on various plans.

Add-on Points :
Buy Xtra points if your Family size grows bigger for the entire Membership period.

Top-up Points :
Buy xtra points just for that dream holiday to fulfil.

Escalated Entitlement :
Plan entitles its customers to enjoy holidays on Escalated Points on per annum basis as enumerated in entitlement certificate year after year till validity of plan. After validity date plan does not allow any entitlement.

Accumulation :
Is allowed for un-utilized holiday points over the plan period and are redeemable before their expiry.

Redemption :
Points can be redeemed towards the benefits as enumerated towards Accommodation, Room-up Gradation, Travel Guide, Ticketing, Food Coupons, Gift Shoppe and organizing the same at company owned or through tie up hotels / resorts /establishments at various location in India.

Fore Closer :
Fore closer of holiday plans are not permitted.For more details please refer to the terms and conditions of the offer documents

Holiday Start
Date :
6 months after completion of all payments.

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