Economic Holiday Plans
Plan Name Holiday Theme Term Membership Points Holiday Worth
ALMOND Enjoy Holidaying
While Subscribing
4 Yrs 240 pts. 165.85 Pts.
SAFFRON Enjoy Holidaying
While Subscribing
5 Yrs 360 pts. 537.52 pts.
Salient Features
Benefits :
Holiday Plan comprises of basic membership fees and cost (inclusive of all applicable taxes there on) of planning of holidays & tours, accommodation, sightseeing, room up gradation, travel guide, ticketing, food coupons, gift shoppe, multi facility schemes and organizing the same at company owned or through tie up hotels / resorts / establishments at various location in India.

Point Value :
At Rs.100/- per point rounded.

Payment Term :
Plan has limited premium payment terms.
For Almond Instalments upto 2 years only.
For Saffron Instalments upto 3 years only.

Payment Option :
Single Payment / Yearly / Half Yearly / Quarterly and Monthly.

Advance Payment :
Of Installments is allowed.

Lock in period:
Holiday Plan has lock in period of two years which entitles you to more holidays.

Flexible Purchase :
Holiday plan has flexible purchase option for purchase of points as per customers' choice with min. and max. points and rebate is allowed thereon as per options selected as per table given below.

Grace Period :
15 days grace period is allowed from due date of installments.

Delayed Installments :
Will be accepted with penalty up to 90 days from due date of installments.

Plan Revival :
Holiday Plan can be revived within 90 days from due date of installments.

Discontinue :
Holiday Plan will be treated as discontinued if the Installments are delayed beyond 90 days from due date.

Escalated Entitlement :
Plan entitles its customers to enjoy holidays on escalated points on per annum basis as enumerated in entitlement certificate year after year till validity of plan. After validity date plan does not allow any entitlement.

Accumulation :
Is not allowed for accrued future holiday points of next years during current year.

Advancing :
Holiday Plan can be revived within 90 days from due date of installments.

Redemption :
Points can be redeemed towards the benefits as enumerated herein above.

Fore Closer :
Fore closer of holiday plans are not permitted For more details please refer to the terms and conditions of the offer documents.

Voluntary Care:
VCS is an affection of Co. towards plan holder in an unfortunate accidental hazards resulting in loss of life or disability during the plan period is applicable as per terms and conditions of the offer document.

  •  Terms & Conditions
Payment Term Up to 2 Years Up to 3 Years
Purchase Options
Mth. Qtly. H.Yly. Yly. S.Prem.
Mth. Qtly. H.Yly. Yly. S.Prem.
Minimum Point
5 6 12 24 48
5 6 12 24 72
Total Points
120 48 48 48 48
180 72 72 72 72
Maximum Point
83 250 500 1000 2000
55 166 333 666 2000
Discount / Rebate
Nil 0.50% 1.00% 1.50% 2.00%
Nil 0.50% 1.00% 1.50% 3.00%

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